Stepping Up


Progress is a relative matter. One persons’ leap forward is another’s tentative step, and this was certainly the case when I was trying to move my gear knowledge to the next level.

Like that .60mm Dunlop, I was not a person with a great deal of conviction, personal strength or self-belief. I didn’t understand that to many people, I was enough, because all I could see were my shortcomings. This is hardly an uncommon trait, but if you don’t have any frame of reference for these feelings, how can you grasp their severity?

I had few, if any people, to share my escalating love of guitar with. In a trend that would perpetuate throughout my life, even those who were into what I was into weren’t into it to the extent I was into it, and didn’t get as excited about it as I felt they should. Consequently, I was left to figure out a lot on my own, and while a great deal of damage was occurring in my subconscious in regards to my standing in a social setting, I was ploughing forward while simultaneously not fitting in.

In my collection at least, this PickBoy Meta Carbonate 1.00mm is a lot like that. While it’s definitely a pick, and behaves as such, it’s nothing special, and oddly flimsy. The tip on this example has split from my teenage playing, and while I have picks from back then that have worn down, none have disassembled. The sound is robust and general without being indicative of PickBoy’s line – still manufactured in what seems like a billion variants, PickBoy recently celebrated 50 years of manufacture. This is incredible because, despite my unyielding excitement for plectrums, this information still amazes me, as I don’t know a single player who uses them. That being said, it would seem that they’re popular in the East, so perhaps they’re as ubiquitous as Dunlop is out there.

A decent pick with surprising density, this is the only one of these I have – though I do recall having a ‘golf ball’ one at some stage – and its construction is a bit cack. The sort of pick you drop and don’t go looking for, it would nevertheless get you out of a jam if you really needed something to gig with.

Again, if you live for these or any picks mentioned here, keep doing it. This is, and can only ever be, my opinion.

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