Review – Dragon’s Heart GT

One of the challenges in the boutique marketplace has always been to make your company and your product stand out. Some do this with bold claims, some with clever marketing, some by using outrageous materials, or outrageous shapes. Few companies manage to do all of these things, and fewer still have the science and the product to back it up.

Dragon’s Heart guitar picks decided to do all the above. ‘Guaranteed 1000 hours of playing!’ ‘The Only Pick You’ll Ever Need – Perfect For Beginners!’ ‘Best Picks Available On Earth!’ ‘Indestructible!’ Passion was clearly not lacking for this mad-looking plectrum, so I thought hell, I’ve got to find out.

Fast forward a year and I’ve got just about everything they make. Designed by Corey Whitney, a former Marine who got the guitar-playing bug in ’96 (just like your friendly writer), Dragon’s Heart pride themselves on their attention to detail, custom engraving, and the insane durability of their plectrums.

This GT model was the first one of theirs I owned, and though I was by no means a boutique pick noob when I got my hands on it, I’d never played anything like it before. The initial feeling of the GT was a bit weird, as it’s polyamide-imide with a 30% carbon fibre fill. What the hell is that, I hear you proclaim loudly to your phone – well, let me explain. In short, it’s a type of plastic that has an extremely high heat threshold and very little in the way of surface friction, making it ideal for plectrums. Aided by the shape of the pick’s predominant edge, it pushes through the strings rather than striking them, making it daft fast. Infusing it with carbon fibre gives the GT a seriously smooth, beefy tone, and as with most carbon fibre stuff it does shed a little bit of dust if you’re trem picking often, but don’t worry, this is completely normal.

There’s three edges to the Dragon’s Heart design – the ‘normal’ edge, the rounded edge, and the pointy bit. I found that for strumming, especially the non-stop strumming I tend to do in a rhythm capacity, the round edge was ace. The pointy bit wasn’t designed for players like me, though I shall state that for the likes of mandolin work it was pretty good. That main edge, however, is the plums, and it makes the other parts fit in your hand like arms in a perfectly tailored sleeve. There’s none of the chirp of acrylic even at slower speeds, and while it doesn’t have the extra brightness of my personal favourite – the Hardened Heart – this is an incredible pick for jazz, rhythm work in any field, and the solo acoustic player who likes to shave a bit of high treble off their signal without altering their EQ.

You can check them out here: , which will give you a more thorough explanation of the materials involved.

This was my gateway pick into boutiqueism, so it’s the principle reason why you’re reading this page. Check them out!


  • 2.5mm thick (if you like the shape but want thinner ones, get their Wyvern Series)
  • Polyamide-imide with a 30% Carbon Fibre fill
  • Made in Texas by ex-Marine Corey Whitney
  • A definite 8.5/10
  • Cost per unit: Currently $11.97 + shipping, which is surprisingly little
  • Guaranteed to last longer than you

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