Review – Herdim…Thing

My teens were pretty difficult, as are anyone’s, but I only experienced mine. There was a lot of trying to fit in without much success, while not looking quite the part.

This Herdim three-pointed horror is an accurate representation of me during that period in time. Ineffectual to the point of being indiscriminate, it’s trying very hard to be something without achieving a great deal, and though it’s got an idea of what it wants to be, it’s pretty useless.

Each of the three points on this plectrum – which are numbered in case you can’t discern obvious shapes – are rubbish, and manage the incredible feat of being stiff enough to reassure the player that there’s plenty in there, while being floppier than a till receipt. Vigorous strumming = lag, which is something I’ve never experienced with any other plectrum. Even the meaningless Dunlop .50mm has better snap than this, and when performing the ‘drop test’ (dropping picks on a table to hear their inherent tone), this thing is both soft, dull and uninspiring, making it unique amongst the picks in my collection.

Unequivocally the worst plectrum I own, its origins are unknown to me, and while I have kept it as a reminder that things can always be worse, it serves another purpose. It reminds me of how I used to be, and how far I have come. Now the picks I use have determination, body, conviction and purpose – if you ever see one of these dreadful things, run.

Run for your life.


  • .6mm thin
  • Made of nothing
  • Cut in Germany (it says Germany in the middle)
  • Cost per unit: nothing, hopefully
  • Not even as good as I’m making out

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