Review – Savage Customs Galaxy ‘Stripey Shield’

Here at the Lifted Chalice I’m not into needlessly fancy things. This is also a lie, and as I’m talking about boutique custom picks here, fancy had to come into it at some stage. Today we’re going to be taking a good stiff look at the Savage Customs Galaxy, a pick so glorious it seems churlish to use it for making music.

Made one at a time by hand in Oklahoma out of top end acrylic or exotic wood, Savage Customs offers some of the widest options I’ve seen from a pick company. With everything essentially being a custom order, you can choose the colours of both the inside and the outside of your pick, the shape of the tip, the taper, the finish, the thickness, everything. It’s worth noting that in this instance, I ordered a proper snow-white 2mm (see another review for that), and as I had another option I gave the company carte blanche to do as they wished – this is the result.

Aside from being incredible to look at, this is also one of the best made picks I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. I cannot fathom how such smoothness has been achieved in blending two completely different acrylics together – the back is a sort of peachy-pink – and the edges are absolutely perfect. The tip is sharper than I’m used to, as I’ve been bashing away on Dragon’s Hearts and V-Picks for ages, but this is an extremely small thing to get used to.

Tonally speaking, it’s more pronounced and aggressive than, say, the V-Picks Medium Pointed that I tend to favour, but when compared to materials like the Dunlop Jazz III Ultex XL (to give a store-bought comparison), it’s more joyous, open, broad and defined. There’s less tension in it than with the Ultex, so it has a broader application. That tip initially didn’t sit all that well with my playing style as I’m used to a more blunted point, but I didn’t realise how slovenly my trem picking and right hand technique had become until I spent a bit of time with the Galaxy. I’d love to get my hands on the triangular shape that SC do, as I do love a triangular pick, but I can reccomend this without any hesitation.

Some of the colour options are outrageous, and although I’m sitting here thinking about a triangle shape in winter camoflague, this stripy saint will give me months of enjoyment in the meantime. Ace.


  • 3.5mm thick
  • Super-fancy dual-layered Acrylic
  • Made in Okarche, Oklahoma individually by hand
  • A firm 9/10
  • Cost per unit: depends on the pick, but anywhere from $10 to $40 depending on the spec
  • Painfully beautiful, expertly made


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