Review – Jim Dunlop Nylon .46mm

I’m a great believer that everything has its place in music, and after years of seeing players use pedals I wouldn’t use as doorstops make fabulous sounds, I know this to be true.

There are always exceptions to any rule, and it gives me little pleasure to write the following review. Dunlop, as a company, don’t need my endorsement – I’m just another person writing about picks on the internet, but as I’ve tended towards buying picks that I wanted on purpose, I don’t have a lot of plectrums I don’t like.

This is not one of those plectrums. Nylon does, as a material, have its place in the guitar pantheon, as it provides a softness not available to Tortex, Acrylic, or really anything other than felt. What’s in question here is not the shape, grip or tone of this item, but why it exists at all.

The equivalent of playing with a Little Chef napkin, this Nylon Dunlop clocks in at a sumo-esque .46mm, and has so much flex that it’s a wonder it can hold a solid shape. Bendy past the point of being irritating, the amount of physical change that takes place when you play is so extreme that it makes just holding the thing almost impossible. When strumming, all body and depth is lost, and single notes on a conventional acoustic sound like a cheap classical going straight into the PA. This lack of rigidity means that the pick can’t keep up with your movements, which led me to consider what accelerant would best destroy my house in frustration.

I tried very hard to think of an application for this, and outside of pranking other guitarists who desperately need a pick (which is a dreadful thing to do) I came up dry. ‘But it might be good for beginners!’ I hear you cry. How much would it put off a beginner who can’t keep hold of the pick they’re trying to use? ‘What about players who want a soft sound?’ This pick doesn’t have enough power to be classed as soft. ‘Does it work on Nylon strings? What about the ukelele?’ No no no no no.

The Dunlop Red .50mm takes this pick’s lunch every day. Even an unfolded subway ticket would be better – hell, even a Subway receipt would be better. Pointless and bad to the point of angering, this is a stupid plectrum that I condemn in the strongest terms. Avoid.


  • .46mm thin
  • Nylon
  • Made by Jim Dunlop, who should know better
  • A true 0/10. This will hopefully change its status to ‘paper’.
  • Cost per unit: 50p or possibly less.
  • Don’t.

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