Review – Worf Shop Jazz 2.5mm

The world is a big place, and here at Heavy Repping! I go the extra mile when tracking down the pick of the picks. Today’s entry takes me all the way to Lithuania, and to a company that I first discovered on Instagram.

Worf Shop is a one-man operation run by Andrius R., who has dedicated himself to making picks from solid Carbon Fibre (or Fiber if you’re reading this overseas). Aside from being one of the most beautiful plectrums I’ve ever received, it’s worth drawing attention to a couple of other aspects of this company.

The shipping speed was wild. My original pick turned up in 4 days (with two bonus thins), and when it was revealed to Andrius that perhaps their journey had been a little tougher than anticipated, he made not one, but two replacements – even asking for feedback and then adjusting accordingly – to me without additional charge. I didn’t ask for this, and I certainly didn’t expect two additional picks. That, my friends, is customer service. I love the matchbook-style packaging as well.

It’s not that unusual that certain picks change the way we play – switch from Delrin to Felt and tell me all about it – but the Worf Shop Jazz was a different experience altogether. Given the materials involved, the shape and the clear inspiration for these picks, I was expecting to be squealing blazing pinches all over the place, but the effect was the opposite.

While any shredder could bend time with these easily, the Jazz seemed to encourage me to slow down. Soon, sad, grand, mournful chords and pointed, elegant single notes were hanging in the air around me, much more Moonspell than Vinnie Moore. On acoustic – I shall be frank – I did not enjoy this experience, as the bronze and naked carbon fibre clearly did not bring out the best in each other, but on electric the Worf Jazz was something very special. Each note felt bell-like and sombre, and the physical effort required for ringing sustain was almost non-existent.

The only picks I can really compare these to are the Dragon’s Heart GT and the Dunlop Maxi Grip Carbon, and while the GT has a more earthen depth on acoustic (because the carbon fibre only makes up 30% of the pick and the rest is polyamide-imide), the Worf Jazz is brighter and more individual on electric. It also makes the Dunlop sound like a pebble wrapped in tin-foil but that’s by the by – these picks aren’t cheap because carbon fibre is expensive to work with, but they’ll last for many, many years. If you lay this over the top of a regular Jazz III XL you’ll see that Dunlops’ finest is a hair taller and narrower in the shoulders, as well as being around half as thick and without the impeccable bevels that you get on the Worf.

Beautifully made and a delight on electric, these picks are excellent if you love your music long, slow, sharp and graceful, and the grip is tip-top – I can’t imagine any skin types having trouble here. Investigate their Etsy and Instagram or live in shame!


  • 2.5mm thick
  • All Carbon Fibre, all the time
  • Handmade in Lithuania
  • A very sturdy 8.5/10
  • Cost Per Unit around $18 plus shipping, though this varies depending on the thickness/finish
  • Like a steel swallow swooping over an iron river

Instagram: @worfshop

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