Heavy Repping! Hits YouTube!

At long last, Heavy Repping! has a voice on the biggest platform for guitar things, YouTube.

In this first episode, I give you an introduction to the gear I’m going to use, a little about myself, and show you the glory that is the Bracket. Big shoutouts to Mike Wiltshire at Odessa Guitars for The Stick, my personal tone cannon, and to Jaime at The Creamery for his truly excellent Custom 65 Stapletop Mini Humbucker that’s lurking in my bridge.

Episode Two is my top ten picks of 2018 at time of going to press, so you can check out 10 fine example of plectrier-ing from Gem Picks, Dragon’s Heart, V-Picks, T1, The Original Coin Guitar Pick Company, Jim Dunlop, Howling Monkey, Savage Customs, Mathas Guitars and DawMan. Righteous!

Episode Three is a review of the Clifford Essex Triad, a Buffalo Horn pick that’s handmade in England. I learnt a lot with this video – like not to keep the screen on – and it’s my first proper review in an acoustic context. 

If you’re reading this blog, I’d love it if you decided to like, share and subscribe to my fledgling channel, and I’ll return the favour by make the absolute best content I can for you.

There’s more lists, reviews, descriptions and interviews to come, but enjoy these three champion efforts in the meantime.

Rep Hard, Rep Heavy!

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