New YouTube Video – Stone Age Jazz XL Review

It’s new YouTube day, slightly later than usual on account of my brief holiday.

In this installment, I review the agate Jazz XL from Stone Age Guitar Picks, a beautiful thing with which I have passed many hours.

3mm thick and perfectly finished, you can watch this excursion here, as I compare it to the Dunlop Jazz III XL. Next Thursday, there will be another video, and so on until the end of time.

One comment

  1. […] Stone Age PicksGrind 20% off your purchase from Matthew Halliday’s rocking rock emporium with the code REPHEAVY20. A right old dude operating out of Vermont, my boy Matthew did an interview with me you can read below, and supplies his smashing stones to the likes of Roopam Garg of The Surrealist and Connor Kaminski, both of whom you can read interviews with below: Check out my reviews of a couple of his rippers here: […]


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