Discount Codes!

Now that HR! has been active for a while in the plectrum community I’m starting to make some important friends. This means that I’m able to pass the kindness of these great companies on to you, my tall, handsome readers.

This sticky post will contain any and all discount codes I’m granted for use by the general public, along with any requirements, so dig in!

Iron Age Accessories
Get 15% off your first order with Alexis Rodea‘s deadly tools with the code REP-HEAVY-15. If you’d like to know why you should do this, check out the reviews below!

You can read my interview with Alexis here:

The Original Coin Guitar Pick Company
Knock 15% off your order of Ruvane Kurland‘s smashing coins with the code HEAVYREP15. One of my earliest interviewees, Ruvane is the best-dressed man in picks, and you can find out all about the 1921 British Florin he sculpted for me here:

Read my interview with him here:

Stone Age Picks
Grind 20% off your purchase from Matthew Halliday‘s rocking rock emporium with the code REPHEAVY20. A right old dude operating out of Vermont, my boy Matthew did an interview with me you can read below, and supplies his smashing stones to the likes of Roopam Garg of The Surrealist and Connor Kaminski, both of whom you can read interviews with below:

Check out my reviews of a couple of his rippers here:

Fellow Plectrums
Remove 10% from the insanely good-value Fellow Plectrums, all the way from Australia, with the code HEAVYREPPING at the checkout! Insanely good picks at any price, the fact that these are as good as they are for this amount is just daft, and the worldwide shipping is buttons too. Read my review of their 2mm Gorilla Jazz here:

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